Faith Art Journaling

Art Journaling = Visual Journaling: Adding words and visual elements to a page.  It is a journal or diary kept by artists and creative people. It can contain writing, sketching, Mixed media collages, painting, sewing, scrapbooking or any other thing you can think of to do on paper!

“Faith“ Art Journaling: using Art Journaling techniques to create a Visual Journal that expresses different elements of your Faith (makes a connection between your Faith and your Creativity & Art).

A Faith Visual Journal or Faith Art Journal is for: Having fun, Creating, Practicing, Writing, Reflection, Contemplation, Healing, Worship, Playing, Praying, Communicating, Listening, Testing new techniques, Organizing your thoughts.

Don’t let the word “ART” intimidate you! No art experience is necessary! You just need a willingness to try and a desire to create! When you add elements of your faith to your pages you will find more moments of joy and peace in your life and you will be making a conscious effort to focus on Him. Art journaling with scripture as the focal point  is a great way to ruminate on a passage or theme in the scriptures that is meaningful to you.

If you have questions about Faith Art Journaling  feel free to email me at You can also check out my Pinterest page on Faith Art Journaling.

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